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About Our Pizza

From A Family Recipe to a Growing Brand!

Thirteen years ago, a local family-owned pizzeria named Apizza Tuscana opened in Killingworth Connecticut, where the Sassi family recipes and menu were born.  After two years in business, the restaurant grew in popularity and expanded to five locations under the name Pizzeria Da Vinci.  Currently, Pizzeria Da Vinci can be found in 10 great locations throughout Connecticut!  We take great pride in offering pizza perfection in all our restaurants, which are still owned and operated by family and friends!

We create our pizza with dough made fresh daily at every location and topped with our unique sauce, high quality cheeses and fresh toppings.  There isn’t a pizza we can’t make!  From a classic mozzarella pizza to any one of our specialty pies, the options are endless.  Accompanying our pizza selections, we offer healthy salad choices, generous grinders and a variety of delicious appetizers.  We aim to make every customer happy!

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